The Oakland Sail 1984-03-12

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


It really doesn't hurt; does It? ; College rating guide questioned ; Colleges reject tuition freeze ; Series offers money insights ; Campus beauties dominate pageant ; Radio station offers new look; new sound ; College-bound shun teaching; programs cut ; EDITORIAL: It's time to take teaching out of proverbial gutter ; Other Voices ; Meet the Editor ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS: Fiddler stays up despite flaws ; Beautiful but mysterious artworks from Haiti ; Fire up; OU! Where's the beach? Students take spirit to Florida ; Take a chance and study in Asia ; Racial incidents renew affirmative action ; Careers Day ; SPORTS: All-American honors adding up ; Men; women look toward possible Division II swimming championships ; Cliff's Notes: Frederick leaves confused ; First year only a start for coach ; Co-Athletes of the Week Faust; Enneking are rare talents ; Latest movies are good escapist art ; High Court rules: won't force Title IX ; English rockers sing jobless blues ; Birmingham starts mobile watch group ; National rankings ; State rankings ; Conference eyes national security ; Title IX: Do colleges discriminate on basis of gender today? A SHORT HISTORY OF TITLE IX'S COURT CASES ; Teaching



Measles, Miss Michigan, Oakland University. Student Organizations. WXOU, Elementary education, Art, Area Studies, Frederick, Lee, Title IX