The Oakland Sail 1986-09-15

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Listen to this ; Compact spaces cause problems ; Senate committee passes divestment bill ; Congress approves 1986-87 budget; debates executive voting rights ; Tax reform could curb donations; aid ; Area Hall forming committees ; Unsolved thefts cost university almost $19,000 ; New company builds in growing Tech Park ; EDITORIAL: More parking spaces create new problem ; Ability to walk a gift ; Letters to the Editor: Professor wrong about cheerleaders ; Dorm residents lose parking space to commuters' cars ; Office workers treat students rudely; without any respect ; TAX REFORM BENCH PRESS ; OU awaits approval to ask for funds to build new science facility ; Computers changing study; play patterns ; FEATURES: OU students win beauty contests and prizes ; Suggestion from friend persuades Worful to enter ; Trump decides to enter pageant in nick of time ; Migrating geese bring more to OU campus than serenity ; Storm couldn't keep picnickers from having fun ; Dorms vs. commuting Is one better than another? ; Changes give lift to school's appearance ; NOW speaker says life in China very different from here ; Ambitious sociology student attends national convention ; 24-hour photo service center opens at CIPO ; Cultural Arts Society plans Stratford trip ; SPORTS: Lady Pioneers cruise past Henry Ford CC in opener ; Oakland to host largest soccer tournament in SE Michigan ; Soccer club loses 4-1 to Schoolcraft ; Spikers visit WSU to continue rivalry ; Spikers in action ; Sports Column ; Upcoming home games ; Player-of-the- Week: Bridget Bohnet ; Pioneer soccer results ; TAKE A BREAK ; The Puzzle



Parking, South Africa, Area Hall Council, Oakland Technology Park, Student activities, Renovations, National Organization for Women