The Oakland Sail 1986-09-29

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Go jump in a lake ; Congress to determine executive voting rights ; Public Safety takes fixed ID at SPB dance ; Ethics requirement debated ; 2 faculty remembered ; Supporting SADD ; Beer Lake ; Legislature passes program to recruit minorities ; ABS elects officers; sets goals for year ; Mailroom employees pick up slack for U.S. service ; Suicide levels go up as students get older ; EDITORIAL: Congress should pass bill denying paid staff members voting seats ; Letters to the Editor: Policy statement for students missing class not well known ; Fight in dorm started by 3 men ; FEATURES: OU majors don't mull over money ; Surf's up Beer Lake Yacht Club holds after school party ; Naster both delights; entertains students ; Tiger night has small turnout ; Student shows knack handling show horses ; Open Space: Detroit dinosaurs crowd compacts ; Students jam ; Support groups provide assistance for students ; Jugglers share their skills ; Sneak Review: Color Purple - stark and wonderful ; SPORTS: Cross country team places low at Kenosha ; Club continues to struggle for winning season ; Roadhouse rallies past intramural rival for win ; Pioneers blanked by Eastern ; Volleyball squad faces tough foes while away ; Hillsdale stops tennis team's winning streak ; Sports Corner NCAA makes mistake with rule 48 ; Player-of-the- Week Ken Osmun ; Invitational results



Ethics, Beer Lake, Bear Lake, Suicide, Student activities