A Collective Effort to Improve Sociology Students’ Writing Skills


Nationwide, academic sociologists at all types of higher education institutions face the challenge of working to improve students’ writing skills. In this article, we describe a collective effort by a group of faculty members in one undergraduate sociology program to implement several effective writing-improvement strategies. We advocate aiming to improve students’ writing by working together on a united front rather than working in isolation. After explaining the origins of the collective emphasis on writing that emerged in our group and briefly outlining the writing-improvement strategies that we utilize, we use student survey data to reflect on major themes before concluding with a discussion of the merits of our collective approach.



Student writing, Writing across curriculum, Professionalization of students


Burgess-Proctor, A., Graham Cassano, Dennis Condron, Heidi A. Lyons, and George Sanders. 2014. “A Collective Effort to Improve Sociology Students’ Writing Skills.” Teaching Sociology 42: 130-139.