The Oakland Sail 1985-10-28



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Professors react unfavorably to group in D. C. ; Blood Drive at OU sets 732 pints as record goal ; Professor named by organization looking for bias ; Congress passes resolution denouncing South Africa ; "Spirit that burns deep" Anti-apartheid march held ; EDITORIAL: Students shouldn't expect convenience ; Letters to the Editor: Accuracy in Academia spurs angry controversy: 'Accuracy' activities attacked; Professor demands apology ; Errors found in bias story ; Article disturbs students ; MORE OPINIONS: More against group; Student satires group ; Support for monitoring group: Bias found in editorial ; Defense for organization ; Apartheid seminar informs audience about outrages of racist government ; FEATURES Barn Theater gets new chance at life ; Varner hosts world premiere Latin comedy launches season ; Students compete in Kappa pageant ; Hilberry fare misses mark ; Scholarship winners recognized at dinner ; Impressionist art lures community to Meadow Brook ; Sexually speaking: Dr. Ruth 's visit is a hot ticket ; SPORTS: Edge Akron in OT Pioneers net big win ; Spikers can claim title share with win ; Swim team easily wins season opener ; Finish a distant 7th Harriers fall in league meet ; Team splits matches ; Basketball team needs manager ; EEEEEEK! ; Goblins gather for Halloween fest



Academic freedom, Blood drives, South Africa, Student demonstrations