Reflections on the Nature of Interdisciplinarity: A Reply to Benson, his Critics and Nicholson




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Association for Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary refers generically to ways of confronting the world that do not comport with the currently conventional means of knowledge production--to a new lens through which to see clearly that which existing lenses do not bring into focus. Since Benson, the debate has been about whether interdisciplinarity, like the disciplines, could or should be foundational, whether it would be desirable to give up the openness it offers for the improved communication, rigor and community foundationalism might provide. Principles and openness, though, are but attributes of elements in the equation. Instead, it is on the basis of outcomes--of humanly useful results produced--that we should assess the value of something which arises from a desire to confront the world effectively.




Armstrong, Forrest H. "Reflections on the nature of interdisciplinarity: A reply to Benson, his critics, and Nicholson." Issues in Integrative Studies 6 (1988): 152-166.