Super Speedy Serial Skittle Sorter (5S)

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The Super Speedy Serial Skittle Sorter, or 5S for short, is a fully automated sorting machine made up of simple parts that are easily replaceable. The ideas and mechanics of large corporation sorting machines from around the world are incorporated into a small and efficient tabletop machine. By putting a Skittle into the hopper, the machine will automatically start and begin sorting Skittles. One large disk will move the Skittles along to the designated hole, already pre-determined, in a circular direction to trap doors that will lead to designated bins. This document will describe the details on how the 5S will operate and design considerations that were explored. It was found, through the design of the system, that a microprocessor would be used to read the Skittles. Using a photoresistor or using an RGB sensor was also considered, as it could be tuned to a Skittles color and instantly actuate a sorting mechanism. This option was, however, more expensive and complicated than using a factory color sensor, the Taos TCS 3200 TCS 230. By using this sensor in conjunction with the microprocessor, sorting Skittles would be quick and efficient. The 5S was found to be a very good implementation of a sorting machine, with many areas that could be improved with further research. This document explains the initial version of the machine and the success that was found using it.



Super Speedy Serial Skittle Sorter, Sorting Machine