The Oakland Sail 1983-02-21

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Faculty agrees to tentative contract ; Hot Shots ; Result of CAMP report Programs cut by Board ; Two schools closed ; Land optioned for computer center ; POUCH formed to aid hungry families ; Forensics plans yearly event ; EDITORIAL: Faculty passes test ; Cuts are forever ; FINANCIAL AID OFFICE ; Not all rock was named ; Point missed by last editorial ; Professor receives national coverage ; Attendance problem solved ; Care; happiness symbol for Lowry ; Programs joined ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS ; Students pack it up on weekends ; Subject of Black history examined in new musical ; courage ruined her 'Frances' a triumph ; Flu epidemic apparent now ; OPEN SPACE: Back to basics ; Students strive for strenuous workouts ; New group reaches out ; Film falls short of promising potential ; Canadian director makes a bloody good film ; Gebauer named Coach of the Year ; Here's the school's most recent champ; SPORTS: Wrestlers take second place in tournament ; Women win; play for title this weekend ; Swimmers rip Western ; Hot shooting Pioneers take two ; Swimmers beat Western ; Other Things & Co



Faculty contracts, Program changes, School of Performing Arts, Land planning, Aerobics