Minutes of the Meeting of the University Senate, April 17, 1975



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Career Development Program-cooperation between OU & community colleges. Transfer credits-up to 62 from community colleges for BGS. Two plus two program-Bachelor of General Studies. Transfer students-admission criteria. Admissions-transfer students. Approved. Admissions-non traditional students/formal education interrupted. Approved. Michigan Public School Employment Retirement System. TIAA-CREF contributions. Racial violence in Boston, Resolution from Student Congress. No action. General Studies-Bachelor of General Studies. Two plus two program. Associate degrees-transfer students may transfer up to 62 credits for B.G.S. Program


Agenda and Minutes for the April 17, 1975 Meeting of the University Senate


Career Development Program, Community colleges, Oakland University, Transfer credits, Bachelor of General Studies BGS, Two plus two program, Admissions requirements, Non-traditional students, TIAA-CREF, Racial violence, Oakland University. Student Congress, General Studies, Associate degrees, Credits, Michigan Public School Employment Retirement System