The Oakland Sail 1979-10-08

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Senator defends freedom; opposes ERA ; New Wave washes over Miami ; Colleges try new sales pitch ; PIRGIM fee misuse brought to surface ; INSIDE ; VD reported on campus; Sexual diseases on the rise ; Tauts lose Congress seat ; Resurfacing and new lot provide additional space ; Pianist delights audience ; Anti-draft forum attracts apathy not protest ; EDITORIAL: PIRGIM hustles under performance demands ; WOUX has right to decide station format ; THE MARSHALL ARTS ; Senior athlete treated like senior citizen ; Thank you ; More Letters ABS asks: rock or racism? ; Write Congressman ; Lenient pot laws wanted ; Folk music; blues fill OC ; OU composer plays with chamber soloists ; FEATURES: Trash with flash ; New WAVE: ROCK IS DEAD - LONG LIVE ROCK ; Ann Arbor festival pays tribute to Jazz great ; THE CALENDER: DANCE ; SPORTS: Chips; Wayne fire up; oust Pioneer spikes ; Lewis whitewashes OU 2-1; Record drops to dismal 3-5 ; OU harriars break record in Olivet rout ; Pro Calender ; Athletes missing from teams; coaches blamed for absence ; Battle of 'The South'-Sooners by 2 ; Netters victimize Ferris; Grand Valley ; Intramural Update ; New soccer format in NCAA hinders OU's chances at bid: From the Sports Editor's desk. ; Mozart alive in church ; ET CETERA: Trivia ; Sex appeal ; Women's status ; Co-ed living ; Saga next? ; STUDENTS SPEAK OUT: "Why did you select Oakland University for your education as opposed to other Michigan Universities?"



PIRGIM, Recruitment, Sexually transmitted diseases, Oakland University. Student Congress, Parking