The Oakland Post 2002-04-17



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


LIFE ; SPORTS ; EDITORIAL ; The EDGE ; IN THIS ISSUE ; OUSC marks changes: Dickow addresses accomplishments ; Senators hear new vision '10: Three-dimensional writers ; Post honors two graduating seniors: Students will be hard to replace ; OU DAY AT THE CAPITAL Trip teaches about state government ; MBH opens its doors ; Strike a pose ; Students keep library fines low ; CRIME WATCH ; NEWS COLUMN ; Goodbye OU ; Jobless rate on the rise ; Hostels provide travel deals ; Mono preys on college students ; Women have many sexual assault prevention options ; MOTLEY FOOLU: College students; credit cards ; Editorial State of the campus: still a commuter school ; LEX ; Letters to the Editor: Maybe non-traditional; still a student ; OTHER VIEWS So long; this wacky trip has been mostly fun ; Middle East violence impacts OU students: While Palestinians seek a homeland; Israelis seek survival; students seek resolution; understanding of these cultures Faces of the Middle East ; Nearly a century of contention ; The EDGE: ON CAMPUS ; SHOWS ; Reclaiming the Vagina ; Kaufman's genius shines ; 'Fluffer' explores familiar ground; lacks originality ; POST SUMMER MOVIE PREVIEW: 8 Mile ; Star Wars Episode II ; Austin Powers III ; Spiderman ; The Bourne Identity ; Minority Report ; Insomnia ; Student AFFAIRS: Updating OU ; The EDGE ; SCORE BOARD ; SPORTS TRIVIA ; Grizzlies devour Jaguars ; Grizzlies upset ranked Buckeyes ; Hey; This sounds kinda familiar ; Men drop two over weekend road trip: Playoff picture not so clear anymore ; Golfers post good scores on shorthanded road trips ; Season ends with disappointing conference cluster ; MID-CONTINENT CONFERENCE STANDINGS ; Grizzly of the Week: Nicole Marzano



Oakland University. Student Congress, Meadow Brook Hall, Kresge Library, Self-defense