The Oakland Post 1990-10-29

dc.contributorO'Brien, Margaret
dc.contributorTschirhart, Steve
dc.contributorMichael, Michelle
dc.contributorDeBrincat, Gina
dc.contributorTaff, Timothy
dc.contributorChiappetta, Nick
dc.contributorCasey, Mary
dc.contributorSchwark, Candice
dc.contributorSpeight, Cory
dc.contributorSears, Tammie
dc.contributorJohnson, Heidi
dc.contributorKing, Steven
dc.contributorVanderbeke, Patricia
dc.contributorAllen, Marie
dc.contributorCorrado, Pete
dc.contributorDeLazzer, Claudine
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dc.contributorGiacomantonio, Sal
dc.contributorHiggins, Rae
dc.contributorKowalski, Keri
dc.contributorLamphear, Chris
dc.contributorOtenbaker, Laura
dc.contributorPruette, Tami
dc.contributorReghi, Elizabeth
dc.contributorSpencer, Sallee
dc.contributorSturza, Mary Jo
dc.contributorTaylor, Lisa
dc.contributorThurman, Joseph
dc.contributorTyrkus, Mike
dc.contributorWebb, Sharise
dc.contributorWhitcher, Jeff
dc.contributorSurowiec, James
dc.contributorChurch, Tom
dc.creatorOakland Sail, Inc.
dc.description.abstractFood service makes move to waste reduction ; Happy Halloween ; Student activities fee raise considered: Student organizations concerned about a lack of funding; $15 flat rate for all students proposed ; Federal grant helps students help others in local community ; Businesses reduce campus visits ; Space consideration may move performing arts library to Kresge ; University seeks funding from state for rent ; Making waves ; CRIME WATCH ; Saftey Tip ; Integrity; record make Levin clear choice for Senate ; Set goals; work hard and don't become a statistic ;Letter to the Editor Don't let commissioners trash Oakland County ; Public Safety: Operating in the line of duty ; Stereotyped survey ; Not rent-a-cops ; Trying times ; Spirituals Rituals ; Students joining religious organizations for friendship; support ; Center for the Arts welcomes youths in monthly series ; Soaring spirit ; Wire Train derailed ; Soup yet? ; Q: Do you feel trick-or treating should be banned? ; Student fights for Star Trek; Bart Simpson; and McDonalds ; ZOO U ; Quote of the Week ; This Week's Horoscope ; What's Happening ; Hammer Time? ; Men take nine firsts at Can-Am meet ; Phillips - Pioneer of the Week ; Soccer team beats Lewis; Siena Heights ; Spikers lose to U-M; beat Northern ; Mason teaches divers to strive for success: Last year's NCAA Division II Diving Coach of the Year has tough task aheaden_US
dc.publisherOakland Sail, Inc.
dc.relationThe Oakland Observer
dc.relationFocus: Oakland
dc.relationThe Oakland Sail
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dc.subjectStudent Activities Boarden_US
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dc.subjectFood serviceen_US
dc.titleThe Oakland Post 1990-10-29


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