The Oakland Post 1990-10-29

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Food service makes move to waste reduction ; Happy Halloween ; Student activities fee raise considered: Student organizations concerned about a lack of funding; $15 flat rate for all students proposed ; Federal grant helps students help others in local community ; Businesses reduce campus visits ; Space consideration may move performing arts library to Kresge ; University seeks funding from state for rent ; Making waves ; CRIME WATCH ; Saftey Tip ; Integrity; record make Levin clear choice for Senate ; Set goals; work hard and don't become a statistic ;Letter to the Editor Don't let commissioners trash Oakland County ; Public Safety: Operating in the line of duty ; Stereotyped survey ; Not rent-a-cops ; Trying times ; Spirituals Rituals ; Students joining religious organizations for friendship; support ; Center for the Arts welcomes youths in monthly series ; Soaring spirit ; Wire Train derailed ; Soup yet? ; Q: Do you feel trick-or treating should be banned? ; Student fights for Star Trek; Bart Simpson; and McDonalds ; ZOO U ; Quote of the Week ; This Week's Horoscope ; What's Happening ; Hammer Time? ; Men take nine firsts at Can-Am meet ; Phillips - Pioneer of the Week ; Soccer team beats Lewis; Siena Heights ; Spikers lose to U-M; beat Northern ; Mason teaches divers to strive for success: Last year's NCAA Division II Diving Coach of the Year has tough task ahead



Student Activities Board, State funding, Center for the Arts, Food service