The Oakland Sail 1985-11-11

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Governor receives award for tuition freeze from MCC ; Michigan schools meet at MSU to discuss business ; OU watches U of M after it passes fee ; Three given award for racial work ; Issue won't go to students ; Cumulative voting retained by Congress ; Second Oakland professor reported to group in D.C. ; Views from the presidential candidates: TONY BOGANEY; THREE MAJOR GOALS ; How Congress voted ; EDITORIALS: Candidates ineffective; Write-in best bet in congress race ; Voting issue squelched for the wrong reasons ; Letters to the Editor: Academia issue upsets university population; Academic freedom vital ; Accuracy in Academia biased ; Candidates for Congress Representative: Sean M. Higgins ; Congress Presidential Candidates: Tony Boganey ; John Farr ; OPEN SPACE ; Kurt Schultz ; Elaine Mitri ; Lisa Stamps ; FEATURES: Play and actors shine ; Organization wants new warning labels on albums ; Just when you thought it was safe ; 'Miami Vice' popular with students; tops' rating charts ; Vendors; seminars come to campus ; History of Meadow Brook Hall ; Grading rules to change ; SPORTS: Pioneers beat Wright State; seeking bid ; Dropped in league tourney seeding Spikers reach Can-Am semifinals ; Christian a leader on the soccer field ; Men's swim team fares well at BG ; Soccer club ends season with win ; Sports trivia ; Grapplers split meets with York ; Pioneers struggle in meet



Oakland University. Student Congress, Academic freedom, Meadow Brook Theatre, Meadow Brook Hall, Wilson, Matilda Rausch Dodge, 1883-1967