The Oakland Post 2019-02-27

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Rivalry match win ; School of Business. OU's SBA receives prestigious accreditation for its program ; Career Secrets. A panel of recent alumni share their journeys to career success ; Snubs and victories. Oscar outcomes full of record breakers and upsets ; Bookcenter becomes Barnes & Noble in '92 ; SBA's programs receive international accreditation ; Police Files: Late night on-campus sexual assault ; East Carolina professor to discuss effects of political humor ; Professionals share career secrets: A panel of Oakland alumni came together for the "You've Been Branded" event on Feb. 25 ; Upcoming murder mystery event offers two themes ; Sounding Series highlights storytelling in a new light ; Creative Writing professors to offer advice at Publishing Roundtable: Meet two who seek to help students make improvements with their writing and creativity ; 2019 Oscars: Proof the Academy has taken one step forward and two steps back ; Hawaii bill could raise smoking age to 100 by 2024 ; Journalists and media personnel in danger due to the White House ; A "New Green Deal" proposed by Ocasio-Cortez ; What's up with Yik Yak; years later: Recent online activity has sparked questions about Yik Yak's possible return ; Oakland defeats rival Detroit Mercy 95-75 ; All-Academic tennis captain balances sports and academics ; e-LIS welcomes new immersive experience



Oakland University. School of Business Administration, Accreditation, Oakland University. Bookstore, Lecture series, Smoking policy, Publishing