The Oakland Sail 1978-10-09



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


OU balks at alcohol policy change ; Converted for golf course use Dodge clubhouse to change ; Students battle drinking bill ; No longer just 'black problems' Student group aids all minorities ; Advising plan never implemented ; Tax Proposals: 'Incredible Ramifications' for OU ; OU gains loan for married apts. ; AHC members to attend conference ; The Marshall Arts ; Sail Editorial: Drinking referendum unwise ; Faces In The Crowd ; Hands of time move inconsistently ; Last Week's Answer ; collegiate crossword: Sponsored by The Bookcenter and CIPO ; Speakers miss 'tea' ; Students Speak Out: Are you in favor of the proposed change in course structure from three to four credits? ; TO-GA! ; Face MSU - U-M this week Booters tie Lewis; demolish Eastern ; Refs needed for IM sports ; 'ReVitaleized' Pistons begin ; Lakers begin quest for IM basketball crown ; Wayne State breaks netters win streak ; Sports: Spikers net two victories ; Red Wings to face Blues ; MOVIN' OUT: A guide to off-campus events ; Concerts ; Film ; Theater ; Art ; Lectures ; Misc



Alcohol policy, Katke-Cousins Golf Course, Association of Black Students, Married housing complex