The Oakland Sail 1984-01-30



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Carnival Icebreaker ; Achievements honored during Black Awareness Month ; Physics Prof. involved in Navy ELF Project ; Experiments deemed necessary Animal research: "no pain - no gain" ; Bow - string - tools for jazzy career ; EDITORIAL: Abuse vs. research don't confuse two ; Other Voices ; LETTERS: Exams lead to relearning ; Meet the Editor ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS: Dining at Meadow Brook Theatre ; Asia influences spring fashions ; New Van Halen in '84 ; OPEN SPACE: Aerobic olympics? ; SPORTS: Women cagers edge out Grand Valley St.; 62-59 ; Coaches to face old teams ; Basketball News: A mixed bag week for men ; CLIFF'S NOTES: Smaller ball gives advantage to a sporting goods company ; Telephone meet is unusual event ; The Barn reopens ; Pep band is a different brand of cheerleaders ; Safety chapter opens on campus



Animal research, Black Awareness Month, Budgets, Cheerleading, Safety Engineering