Oakland University News: April 26, 1985

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Oakland University


The Institute of Biological sciences receives a grant from the National Eye Institute to expand eye research ; Students from DeKeyser Elementary School write a booklet about Meadow Brook Hall ; David H. Rodwell named first OU vice president for external affairs ; Graham Health Center offers free blood pressure screenings ; Parking rules changed ; Internationally recognized physical therapists lecture and present hand-on course ; Profile of Mary Lynn Crum, theatre costumier for Meadow Brook Theatre ; Profile of Marion Bunt, office assistant in the Office of Developmental Affairs ; Conference sponsored by the Society for Machine Intelligence ; Scholarship Committee of Macomb County donates $8,000 to OU Foundation ; Sidney Fink Memorial Award recipients ; Bud McFarland retiring ; Auditions for the Strings for Youth Camp ; Host families sought for exchange students ; Piano Duo Schnabel concert at Varner Recital Hall ; Aerobics classes offered ; Seminar: Keys to a Higher Quality of Life presented by Health Enhancement Program




Medical research, Meadow Brook Hall, Parking regulations, Meadow Brook Theatre, Awards, Music