The Oakland Sail 1986-03-24

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Computer registration slated for Spring '86 ; Housing rates up 1.98 percent ; Sail photo equipment valued at $2,500 stolen ; Administrators say no solution: Language problem unavoidable ; School of Business Administration wants recognition ; Ex-dorm resident's case dismissed for carrying concealed weapon ; Dealing with language barrier requires proper steps ; Hit and run driver knocks over post: $1,000 in damage ; EDITORIAL: Parking problems exist in Residence Halls too ; Letters to the Editor: Credit for video programming due to Residence Halls and OC ; Not notified of scholarship change; Student Lifers caught off guard ; FEATURES: College-age crises can lead to suicide ; Open Mike Night acts perform at Mainstage ; Science fiction buffs sponsor unique activities at convention ; International Nite gains appreciation of ethnicity ; New officers set commuter goals ; Sexy cards get mixed reaction at Bookcenter ; U-M prof discusses riot causes; impact ; Expert speaks on image management ; SPORTS: VanderMey leads way as Pioneers finish 3rd ; Dropping wrestling proves to be tough ; Late rush keys 8th-place finish All-Americans pace women ; Tennis team opens year with easy victory ; Sports trivia



Registration, Student housing, Language, Concealed weapons, Suicide