The Oakland Sail 1979-11-12



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Wait over - Board picks interim president ; Presidential search can begin Board fills key committee position ; Opinion of the news Board's attitude still raises questions ; Inside ; EDITORIAL Appleton's experience a plus in presidential elections ; Setting it Straight ; THE MARSHALL ARTS ; Letter Students urged to vote in University Congress election ; Commentary Vietnam vets overlooked as contributors ; Farm workers still fighting ; Biographical book analyzes abortion effectS ; 450 OU veterans to organize club ; MBT production for men not mice ; Violinist visits Varner ; For Information About ; THE CALENDAR: DANCE ; SPORTS ; Spikers beat Delta; crushed in tourney ; OU booters finish strong ; Women's talent to surface Tankers shallow in depth ; OU harriers grab second ; Shutouts not uncommon ; ETCETERA: New breed ; Trivia ; STUDENTS SPEAK OUT: Are you planning to vote in the university's congressional election?



Matthews, George T., Veterans