The Oakland Post 2017-10-18

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Homecoming Hype: Fans and alumni brave the weather for tailgate and other events surrounding Oakland's 60th birthday celebration ; Trustees Meet. President reports on fist 100 days; board previews research initiatives ; Maria Relief. Spanish club and HALO host canned food drive for Puerto Rico ; NHL studies OU. Oakland selected for feasibility study for NCAA D1 hockey teams ; Looking back: Crime plagues OU ; Build new business skills with the 12B program ; The BOT hears president's report; discusses research ; OU runs canned food drive on campus for hurricane relief: The students of Oakland University's Spanish clubs come together to help the people of Puerto Rico ; Retired Rochester Adams High School instructor teaches German to refugees: Janie Barner taught five years worth of the language in six weeks ; Public relations major approved for fall 2018: Students can apply to the program as early as January of this next year ; The 30th Annual Maurice Brown Poetry Reading: Lorna Goodison is honored in the traditional Poet Laureate ceremony ; A comeback year for Graphix OU club ; Vegan and vegetarian options ; Police Files: Just sitting in the bathroom; lost ; Speakers and a bike; Just out of sight ; One disease; two brothers and a transplant: Nick Adamson was battling Blastic Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Neoplasm; his brother stepped up ; Oakland students are transported to France with music ; Homecoming: Tailgate; Football ; Local song review: "Blah Zay Splah" by Twin Falls: Newly released surf punk song lyrics are inspired by an inside joke from the band and the loss of a dear friend ; "The Foreigner" is fun; but forgettable ; Vogue: Forces of Fashion: Well-known lifestyle magazine hosts an event with some of the most talented designers in history ; Trump vs. the First Amendment: The President heads to Twitter to voice his opinion about freedom of the press ; The Las Vegas tragedy: two weeks later ; The Sporting Blitz ; In case you missed it: Isaiah Brock has returned to men's basketball ; Volleyball Player selected CLASS Award candidate ; Let's talk to athletes ; Oakland selected for NHL DI feasibility study: The National Hockey League has chosen ten colleges throughout the country for this opportunity ; Club sports highlight: women's rugby is back in season ; A day in the life of a broke; tired; underpaid satire writer



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