The Oakland Observer 1967-04-07

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The Oakland Sail, Inc.


Appendix Changes "Waltz" Cast ; Appealing in Many Ways Blair Reviews KONTUSE ; Board On 'Expression' Proposed: Commission On Student Life Splits Over Report ; Editorial Page The Oakland Observer: University Must Lead ; Dog Eat Dog At Old Ivy ; And The Beat Goes On; comment on Issues of Interest to the University Community: Gripes About VB More Negroes ; Campus Calendar ; Fan Wagoner Loses Karen Kammann Family Is Leaving ; After Many Delays Library Basement Is Finished ; Dropouts Manifest Psychiatric Problems ; 6 Week Program Utica Hiring Students ; Trustees Accept Two Grants ; Newspaper's Staff Resigns ; Dawson Performs Alternate Role Well ; Poems By Thomas Fitzsimmons: I WILL TELL YOU ; NOVEMBER 1966 ; ANZIO ; Ascendent Comes Out Loaded With Pictures ; Prof Finds Sticks Addicting ; Pianists Hear Babin : Overseas Study Offered In Languages And Poli Sci ; Houston Symphony Do Appleton ; Student Theatre Williams - McKee Triumph ; OU To Play At Rochester Baseball Season Opens ; Kontuse VII-"Damn Good"



Commission on Student Life, Kontuse, Contuse, Kresge Library, Engineering