The Oakland Sail 1981-03-30

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Obear prime candidate for chancellor ; Spring fever ; Two of five dean prospects identified ; Inflation hits campus housing Residence halls' costs will rise this fall ; Fire safety is still a concern in OU dorms ; Civil suit filed against Board ; Sail Shorts ; Brainwashing aids cults' conversion attempts ; Cults on Campus Third in a series ; Award reflects more than just glamour for OU student ; Assures Congress of openness Champagne pledges honest job ; EDITORIAL: OU stands to lose a lot if Obear goes ; Letters: Library column draws criticism ; High expectations harmful ; Writer warns of new 'cult' ; Education key to prevention Danger of attack; rape constant ; ERA debate sparks old praises; concerns ; Women need 'open mind' in career choices ; Ethics versus technology delimma in medical world ; Forensic team impressive in tournaments ; ENTERTAINMENT: "Bus Stop" is pleasant stay ; Film Forum ; SPORTS ; Greg Smith: his job was most important ; Smith's job ends tomorrow ; Maglischo stuns swim team with resignation ; Renewed efforts should save OU weight system ; Students; administration come up with needed cash ; Sather will get MESC hearing ; Frosh is first All-American ; OU golf squad faces stiff challenge in '81 ; ET CETERA: Campus Quips What's in a bagel? Just a hole ; Controversy clarification ; Village Idiot: Public Safety officers send forensics team to the rescue ; Student life: How do you enjoy it?



Oakland University. College of Arts and Sciences, Residence halls, Oakland University. Board of Trustees, Champagne, Joseph E. (Joseph Ernest), 1938-, Oakland University. Student Congress, Meadow Brook Theatre, Men's swimming and diving