The Oakland Sail 1980-11-17

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Number of presidential choices pared to three ; Joseph Champagne ; Frederick Obear ; Diether Haenicke ; faculty not fairly represented Advisory groups assess process ; Christmas at Meadow Brook ; OU forced to make more budget cuts ; Hershey elected new congress president ; New Congress president looking for better student participation ; EDITORIAL: Secrecy battle ends in public victory ; Colleges stand to lose despite Tisch defeat ; Letters: Headlee deserves right to Tisch stand ; ENTERTAINMENT: 'Elephant Man' stuns; warms ; Opposites attract in Photos' album ; SPORTS: Four starters return but Shereda is gone; News is good and bad for women cagers ; Talented Tartars picked to repeat in GLIAC ; Basketball ; A football feast for Lion lovers ; OU tankers 'have the potential' to retain crown ; OU's Jaws in IM grid final ; Christensen voted MVP Booters finish with best record ever ; Village Idiot: Board of Trustees holds raffle for presidency ; ET CETERA: Merchants 'deck the halls' to make Christmas sparkle



Presidential searches, Budget cuts, Oakland University. Student Congress, Meadow Brook Theatre, Meadow Brook Hall