The Oakland Post 2001-10-31

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


News on the EDGE ; Report shows flaws; feud ; AARC makes recommendations; uncovers differing leadership habits ; Ex-Polish president well received Friday ; Wales addresses fall of communism; Sept. 11 attacks ; Greens protest war ; Problems with reservations addressed at Monday's OUSC meeting ; Terrorism affects economic system: Campus forum address issues; assures students not to worry ; Bubbling cauldron full of magical treats ; Keeping OU dreams alive ; Crime WATCH ; Webmail provides life lesson ; Americorps making a difference ; Mayoral election heats up Detroit ; Puzzle comes together as America faces terrorism ; NATIONAL NEWS New threats keep everyone alert; ready ; Anthrax hits Supreme Court; infects residential home ; MOTLEY FOOLU: When Good Stocks Go Bankrupt ; Editorial AARC report sounds all too familiar ; Letters to the Editor Reader: To reflexively assassinate or rationally consider? ; Letter of apology ; Views on the STREET ; Pumpkin carved inappropriately ; Life on the EDGE ; SHOWS ; ODD INFO ; 13 SCARY movies DYING for attention ; '13 Ghosts' lacks thrills; suspense ; LEX ; Leaving no one ; 'Romeo and Juliet' opens season at Varner Studio Theatre ; Student AFFAIRS: Updating OU ; Sports on the EDGE SCORE BOARD ; Cross Country finishes second ; Men's soccer wins; snaps three-game losing streak ; Red Wings give hope to fans ; Swimmers dunked by Spartans: Grizzlies lose despite competitive early-season times ; Women's soccer splits ; Hockey breaks ice with new conference ; MID-CONTINENT CONFERENCE STANDINGS ; GRIZZLY OF THE WEEK: JASON BRUSCHA ; Search For THE PUMPKIN GREAT ; Pumpkin Patches ; 'K-PAX' offers break from reality; insight to utopian society ; For Your HALLOWEEN 13 Things to do tonight



Oakland University. Academic Affairs, Wałęsa, Lech, 1943-, Martin Luther King Jr. Day observance