The Oakland Sail 1980-02-11

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Committee considers curriculum change ; Dancing the night away ; Winter; classes cause stress Depression haunts students ; Extension program offers college credit without the campus ; Five dorms have new head residents Housing plays 'musical dorms' ; Congress elects representatives to state-wide rights committee ; Student arrested in robbery attempt ; Class studies rare art exhibit ; EDITORIAL: Guest Commentary Studio art major needed ; Campus events flourish ; Letters Students' pro-draft sentiments alarming ; Editor's note ; Winter Carnival shows OU spirit ; Anti-draft movement grows ; WHAT NEXT? ; FEATURES: New suspense thriller features TV actress ; 12 couples survive till end in 15 hour dance marathon ; Black Awareness brings month of events to OU ; Call Studio Theatre for appointment 'Good Doctor' prescribes humor ; Directory offers students listing of summer jobs ; THE CALENDAR ; EXHIBITS ; Tankers successful at home ; Road contests take toll ; My Turn! ; GLIAC honors Linda Krawford ; Tennis raffle ; SPORTS: Cagers one for three in tight contests ; IM champs lose opener ; Last week's best ; ET CETERA: Engineer's award ; Drug study ; Soaps ; Testers tested ; Marriages ; Gift ideas swell with sentiment ; Village idiot



Curriculum, Extension classes, Extension sites, Residence halls, Oakland University. Student Congress, Dance marathon