The Oakland Sail 1987-01-19

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Senate ratifies ethics policy; faculty not forced to comply ; 2 thefts detected; staff keeps eye on bookstore ; Armed robbery suspects apprehended on campus ; Congress committee organize open forum; solicit students' input ; Trustees approve OU intervention in tariff hearings ; Limit pleases non-smokers; annoyed smokers obey law ; Academic Skills Center open for free tutoring ; Snow dumps work on 8-man crew ; EDITORIAL: Senate's new policy half-baked; wimpy ; Letters to the Editor: Anderson's letter trivializes reasoning behind abortions ; Student ruins new shoe in lot; wonders why school won't pay ; FEATURES: Program helps minorities prepare for college early ; Artist draws students ; 8 act circus hits campus ; Carnival opens with state birthday bash ; SPORTS: Temper tantrum overshadows Pioneers' win ; Lady Pioneers drop 3rd straight ; University of Michigan tops swim team 128-79 ; Co-ed hockey starts season ; Commentary: Kampe begs for fans' support ; Player-of-the-Week: Erin Stileski



Oakland University. Student Congress, Ethics, Oakland University. Bookstore, Crime, Smoking policy, Snow removal, Diversity