The Oakland Post 1989-03-20

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


U-D athlete says accident; alcohol changed life ; Yeah; you ; Library work drains money ; Accreditation team impressed with university ; Making music ; Nursing students give birth control lecture ; Solicitors escorted from campus without profits ; Special ed kids statewide discover hands-on science; OU at fair ; News Briefs Winning Roe vs. Wade attorney to speak at OU ; Commuter Involvement Award nominations due ; Japan Club to bring a taste of Japanese culture to OU students ; Dorm Notes ; Moving words ; BAM needs greater involvement from all ; Regression threatens women's roles ; Student marshals make the grade ; Letters to the Editor University must support free speech ; Cartoon offends NRA members ; BLOOM COUNTY ; From wing tips to dashikis - Profs dress for success ; These squares hip for folk music fans ; 'Rooftops' reaches new lows ; Dorm life no big change for former small town residents ; What's Happening ; Rooftops (R) ; 'Mecca's' journey; storyline endlessly tedious ; All-Hoggster awards ; Men hoopsters may join NAIA next year ; Kelsey; Schermer; lead young women's swimming squad ; Think Spring ; Men tankers go 'above and beyond the call of duty' ; Hovland leads athletic department in imports ; 'Real' work now begins for winter sports coaches



Construction, Accreditation, Special education, Discovery science fair, Folk music, Dorm life, Fashion, Hovland, Pete, Men's swimming and diving