The Oakland Post 1991-11-13

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


New dance proposal closer to acceptance ; Candidates debate programming ; Harassment investigated ; Students hold sit in to protest Marriott service; roaches ; Scholarships; loans and grants: big bucks for bargain hunters ; Business Forum ; Coalition open house ; Food Drive ; Violence Hotline ; Roll-At-the Dome ; Auditions ; "Trade you an Einstein; for a Curie" ; Students undeterred in pursuit of sex ; Schools Promote organ donor campaign ; 'Trick or Treat - Give me something good to eat' ; Oakland fire causes one student death ; Student recants rape story ; Smith's status at UNM on hold until trial ends ; Fright night prediction doesn't come true ; CRIME WATCH ; OUR VIEW Ball dropped at news conference ; Managers allegedly gain from cost cuts ; Admiration lacking for public; political figures ; End racism to help save the earth ; Ouija users explore the afterlife ; Ten Little Indians; a classic whodunnit ; Prof speaks out on Irish terrorism ; Heated lecture ; Plan ahead and winterize your car ; Strictly; humor with a message ; Big Drill Car records new aggressive power pop album ; Magic's best assist yet ; Pioneer soccer finishes season ranked eighth ; Women's basketball tries something new; ranked second place in GLIAC ; Wolverines; Pioneers and a pool; Oh my!: Men's swimming loses to U of M ; Pioneers swamp Cleveland State ; Volleyball spikes Hillsdale; takes one at Lewis Invitational ; Fetal Position wins Commuter Bowl Football comes to Oakland University ; Harriers fall short ; Pioneer of the Week: John Gentile - Sophomore - Soccer ; Aames is gone fishin'



Student demonstrations, Protests, Financial aid, Racism