The Oakland Post 2015-10-07

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Real-World Investing ; this week: PHOTO OF THE WEEK ; Editorial: It's a responsibility; not a right ; Perspectives Catching up with OUSC legislators ; A better yOU: Grizzlies need to step up their recycling game: Making recycling your priority can help make it Oakland's priority ; UPCOMING EVENTS ; Perspectives LETTER TO THE EDITOR 'Don't believe the stories being told to us' ; In response to tuition increase; student body have right to know entire story; details of Hynd's plan: The Real Deal: Avoiding shutdown; false prophets ; Student sheds light on government shutdowns; why they happen; what they mean for the American people ; Campus Grizzlies on the Prowl ; "What are your thoughts on the Oregon college shooting?" ; POLICE BRIEFS Stalking outside Hamlin Hall ; Campus New sorority aims to give back: Tri Sigma focuses on Therapeutic Play for chromically ill children ; Students lead the way to make OU more handicap acccesible ; Campus Farmers foresee future fortune: Oakland University volunteers harvest their rewards of manual labor ; New student organization on campus brings interest to fields unknown ; With meetings being interactive; educational; Pediatric Heart Circle promises experience worthy of future employers ; Campus Students entrusted with $2 million investment fund ; Campus SPB calling talented Golden Grizzlies ; All students welcome to participate in; support annual 'OU's Got Talent show ; the mix: UPCOMING EVENTS OFFERED BY THE CSA ; TOP TUNES: WXOU albums of the month ; ALBUM SPOTLIGHT ; YAKS of the WEEK: Yik Yak: The voice of the people ; Life Alumna; mentor dedicates $25,000 to OU community ; Donation to provide funds for scholarships; student orgs; trips ; Life TEDx Oakland University speaker series: Mark Ostach and Dr. Kim B. Serota ; Cymbal: The 'Instagram' of music sharing apps: Grad students create app that allows for a more interactive experience when listening to music ; Life OU's hidden gold mine: The CSA ticket window ; Service window offers wide varitey of tickets for on; off-campus events ; Life Grizzlies publish Grizzlies in student journal: Honors College Critical and Creative Society hopes for smooth fourth year of publishing; aims to he more known ; Life OU looks towards future with increased housing ; With more students than ever applying to live on campus; new plans are needed to accommodate them ; What it means to catcall; why it is still an issue ; After experiencing verbal assault; resident assistant discusses how to handle similar situations ; Puzzles ; Sports Runner's setbacks become 'water under the bridge': Morgan Bridgewater trains hard; overcomes obstacles; wins 5K race ; Sports Ben brings cultural diversity to the field: Senior soccer player Gerald Ben prepares for final season as a Grizzly ; Sports Oakland's lucky charm: Women's soccer player from Ireland contributes early for Black and Gold ; THE SPORTING BLITZ Volleyball



Recycling, Handicapped accessibility, Greek letter societies, Student Organic Farm, Investment funds, Talent shows, Gifts and grants, TED Talks, Oakland University. Honors College