The Oakland Sail 1987-01-26

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Asbestos tests to determine health hazard ; Campus computer system to get update ; Costs keep Kresge from getting more periodicals ; Barn Theatre to be saved by president; CFA ; Snow adds new twist to game ; Police Beat ; EDITORIAL: Decision to save Barn wise move ; Readers' letters appreciated ; Letters to the Editor: Sail story on Skills Center needs correction; addition ; Castration fitting punishment for maniacs convicted of rape ; Hysteric Historics ; FEATURES: Campus play makes regional competition ; Snowfall helps Winter Olympics ; Comedian teases; entertains students; attracts full house ; Feeling down? Counseling Center offers free assistance ; Residence Halls sponsors party; variety dinner in OC ; Take measures to avoid frostbite ; SPORTS: Pioneers lose to Tartars before full house ; Depleted Clarion State squad no match for men's swim team ; WSU destroyed by women's b-ball team ; Women's swim team loses to Wright State ; Commentary: Fans' spirit boosts Pioneers ; OU intramurals ; Player-of the-Week: Lee Ann O'Neill



Barn Theatre, Technology, Kresge Library, Asbestos, Computers