The Oakland Sail 1987-02-02

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Fire equipment abuse leads to costly hazards ; Former governor joins staff as professor; adviser to president ; Proposal may restore theater; dance majors ; Congress OK's 5 input committee members ; Test results show safe asbestos level in dorm cafeteria ; Sledding prohibited on campus property ; Distributor of flyers against rock 'n roll rattles campus ; EDITORIAL: Crying 'wolf' with fire alarms presents danger to students ; Letters to the Editor: Students deserve note of thanks for supporting basketball team ; Price of packing tickets high ; New SHES faculty member finds school cordial; helpful ; Saga workers show real university spirit ; FEATURES: Silent STD hits campus; 47 cases reported to date ; Variety of spring break trips available ; Weight room aids in quest for great body ; MBT's chaotic farce guarantees laughter ; Extra Oprah tickets to be sold Wednesday ; SPORTS: Duff sets record in meet against Kenyon College ; Pioneers playing for more than pride ; Lake Superior spoils Taylor's homecoming with OT victory ; Women's team sings the blues after latest loss ; Intramural scores ; Commentary: NCAA's 'brainstorming' gives swim coach Hovland headache ; Player-of-the- Week: Mark Duff ; Soo Lakers top Pioneers



Fire safety, Williams, G. Mennen, 1911-1988, Asbestos, Sexually transmitted diseases, Spring break