The Oakland Sail 1982-04-19



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


A look at the 1981-82 academic year News focuses on controversial issues ; CAMP ; SUAMP ; Parents prefer paying offsprings' education ; New trend for yearbooks ; Gubernatoral candidate implores all students to become 'involved' ; Cuts ; Weather ; Dorms ; EDITORIAL: Editor departs university regrets pervading realism ; State Board of Education member feels cuts should be made elsewhere ' ; Letters: Triad and Lepley conflict Student feels overnight parking removal 'asset' ; Despite explicitness; student supports ad editorial ; Worn American flag disrespectful to OU ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS ; Idiot graduates with Prez's strong blessings ; British study offers more than 'traditional' classes ; Students may find summer vacation a time of work ; Dorms are in disagreement over money from machines ; The real genius behind the Village Idiot is finally revealed ; Cigarette send-off will help smokers quit habit ; Student discount keeps summer fun inexpensive ; SPORTS ; Vandenberg fights to keep video profits ; Continuum Center to cosponsor a seminar dealing with the handicapped ; Costs could prevent solution Lepley injuries spur resurfacing proposals ; Persians win indoor soccer title



Champagne, Joseph E. (Joseph Ernest), 1938-, Budget cuts, Residence halls, O'Dowd Hall