The Oakland Sail 1986-03-17



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Trustees postpone decision to cancel wrestling program ; Spoken English problem for foreign faculty ; Engineering department competes with corporations for grad assistants ; Cigarettes may expose smokers to radiation ; Letters to the Editor: Parking tickets part of protest for safer; more convenient lots ; Grade points more important than the pursuit of education ; Acknowledgement brings pride to university faculty ; Students are urged to speak out before cuts eat away at aid ; EDITORIAL: Sexual responsibility is part of the game of love and romance ; FEATURES: Airband artists show their stuff ; Student production 'gorey' in more than one meaning ; Contraceptive illusions spin trail of woe ; Alumni aid students ; Student explores culture of Guyana ; 'Fool for Love' to have 3-day run ; Action-filled movie seems unbelievable ; Open Space: Challenger's survivors suffered enough ; SPORTS: Swimmers stand third at Division II nationals ; Parsons believes his squad will improve ; Through three days of competition Women 9th in NCAA meet ; Pumping iron ; Committee seeks student opinions on name change ; Harriers to meet at Lepley Friday ; Pioneer trio earns conference honors ; Sports trivia



Wrestling, Oakland University. School of Engineering and Computer Science, Smoking, Birth control, Anthropology, Medicine