The Oakland Sail 1978-03-27

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Administrators hit the bricks ; Commuter noninvolvement cited OU student affairs down ; Housing rates to jump a 'modest' 55 percent ; Support services vital to future-report ; Moore calls increase 'modest' Trustees approve 5% dorm fee hike ; OU Police 21 months without contract ; Black grads ask for $200 receive $400 ; OU gets only 1/3 what it gives PIRGIM ; For the record ; Dungeons and Dragons to star at OU Nova III ; Editor's Opinion ; Lecture Series ; Sail scandal issue ; THE marshall arts ; Viewpoint ; Sail Review: New SET production 'entertaining' ; Faces in the crowd ; Guest Commentary: Canal Treaty supported ; OU has 'odd' numbering ; Congress fee forum draws sparse attendance ; Lights off to conserve ; Students return from Ghiana ; Bright future in store for young tankers Swimmers gain national prominence ; All Nines dump Bushmen; capture IM championship ; OU '9' jump to fast start



Satire, Support services, Oakland University Police Department, PIRGIM, Course numbering systems