The Oakland Observer 1967-10-13

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The Oakland Sail, Inc.


Earnest Preview Lacks Wit - Polish ; Riot Symposium Held Here ; Charter Sees Brose Sculpt ; Students Vote On Memorial ; Arts and Sciences Gain Constitution ; Peace Torch From Japan; Garskof Speaks to SDS About New Political Party ; Editorials The Oakland Observer: Observor Names Best Candidates Urges Students to Vote Carefully ; Ding Dong School ; DAVID BLACK From the Orient ; Legal Questions in Dance ; arts: Art Exhibits ; Girls Take Races ; Trio Makes It!! ; Genius Comes Cheap New Budget Labels Offer. Top Rated Performances ; Schedules Are Announced For Sex - Drug Education ; A GUIDE TO THE POSITIONS TO BE FILLED ON OCT. 19 and OCT. 20 ; Zanna Mather ; Dave Yennior ; Mark Kotler ; Jeffrey Yorinks ; Must Mediocrity Rule? ; Danny Pfeiffer ; Arthur Colton ; Margaret Russell ; Eugene Kersey ; Kenneth Wilcox ; Jan Burdzinski ; Editor's Note ; Randall D. Miller ; E. Dixon Winder ; Frank Richter ; Cynthia Attwood ; James Riley ; Lisa Reuther ; Ingo Dutzmann ; Kenneth Meldrum ; ZIGGY ; Gwendolyn Heard ; Carol Juth ; Profs Take Sabbath O. U. Faculty Builds World Wide Reputation ; The Hayrites Nite Was Out of Site! ; ASSD Sends Invite ; Barn Theatre ; The Wonderland of American Art ; Kickers Split - Even For Season ; Runners Reign



Students for a Democratic Society, Wilson, Matilda Rausch Dodge, 1883-1967, Memorials, Elections, Barn Theatre