The Oakland Post 2017-03-29



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Helping Hands: Students gete crafty with do-it-yourself activities at annual Grizzpose fundraiser ; Hunting season. Student Program Board to host campuswide scavenger hunt ; Nightclub Cabaret. Theatre students to perform at Orchid Nightclub in Ferndale ; Opening Weekend. Softball begins league play with three losses to YSU ; Looking back: Dodge Hall goes up in flames ; Student media honored ; The hunt is on: SPB hosts scavenger hunt ; Three student orgs team up to host Arabic Week ; Chartwells offers halal options at cafes; through catering ; Speakers connect to crowd: Life; love; inspiration discussed at first TEDx salon event at Oakland ; Police Files: Mary Jane in Vandy ; Gone studying; BRB ; Theatre students put in Nightclub Cabaret acts ; Peter Markus' new book; 'Inside My Pencil' ; GSC's Lavender Graduation to honor LGBTQIA+ students ; Grizzpose and International Night: Students de-stress through RHA's annual fundraiser and night of cultural activities; food ; Performers prove that OU indeed has talent ; Political Focus: The Keystone XL pipeline ; Hello; I'm climate change! Formerly known as 'global warming' formerly known as 'global cooling' ; Student comments on forgotten Cadillac Tax ; Drew's Review: Drake's 'More Life' ; 'The Belko Experiment'" A little style; no substance ; 'Prison Break' reboot coming April 4; plot rehashed once again ; How to live rent-free in the Kresge Library ; Announcing my candidacy ; Softball swept by YSU in league opener ; It's outdoor season ; Dorsey-Walker sets sights on going pro after graduation



Dodge Hall fire, Arabic week, Food service operations, LGBTQ, International students, Talent shows