The Oakland Sail 1983-10-10



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


It's Toga Time ; Consultant to raise funds ; SAT scores down ; Students earn big money during summer vacation ; GUEST COLUMN: Current economic climate: gradual warming despite chilling deficit ; Student needs new transportation here ; Campus provides work for unemployed youth ; EDITORIAL: Funds raising should examine special problems ; Other Voices ; LETTERS: Self-diagnosis dangerous ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS OU alum in Meadow Brook show ; Cyrano a success ; Paramount film thought provoking ; Diversions ; Singer lights up Mainstage ; Nursing student finds career life hectic ; Sabrina Swine Trivia extravaganza ; Comateens score big ; SPORTS: Sparkling defense holds back MSU ; Fastest start in team's history stands at 9 wins ; Patty McDonnell to coach divers in 83 ; Player Profiles Variety is spice of life for spikers ; Student participates in Free Press race Marathon runner stretches for win ; 'Lady racqueteers' slowly; but very surely; improve ; Thrill of soccer game 'too much' ; College by computer opens in California



Transportation, Michigan Youth Corps Program, Capital campaigns