The Oakland Sail 1978-03-20

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Ski Club bus accident - the long trip ; Less seriously injured students find the ride home a 43 hour ordeal ; At long last Chapin audience takes wait well ; Report calls for expansion in Health Sciences ; Senate discusses Linguistics MA ; Skiers consider suit against bus line: No concrete legal plans at this time ; IMC to hold open house ; feed-back: Union responds to heat complaint ; Congress eyes use of fee: Refers accounting idea to committee ; Faces in the crowd ; OU scholarships may violate federal court ruling ; PEANUTS ; "Pioneer Spotlight" Florida produces more than sunshine ; Meadow Brook Hall Ball goes Hawaiian ; Sail Review ; The Athletic Fee - Pro & Con ; "We're moving up steadily" - Hasse ; Swimmers finish third ; Sports ; Coach Dieters see bright season Sunshine state awaits arrival of OU '9' ; Intramural swim meet scheduled ; aroundabout: campus events calendar ; PRESENTATIONS ; FILM ; CONCERTS ; ARTS-DRAMA ; CONFERENCES ; HAPPENINGS ; MISC.



Oakland University. School of Health Sciences, Bus crashes, Instructional Materials Center, Black academic scholarship, Chapin, Harry F., 1942-1981, Meadow Brook Ball, Athletic fees