The Oakland Sail 1982-10-04

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Contract not settled ; Departments await cuts ; New parking lot plans for Foundation Halls ; Small world ; Day care cuts hurt students ; Board President Headlee has high hopes ; Congress may get third chief ; Senate approves aid denial ; Parents ask for funds ; EDITORIAL: Sheepskin offers no job guarantees ; World forgets all too easily ; Remember all the Saints and Sinners ; OU student solves terminal problem ; Past US actions caused Cold War ; Survey is released ; Now just relax ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS: WHO bids "Farewell" to North America ; Grads face unemployment ; Lean back with Bach ; DIVERSIONS ; "The Wall": Pink Floyd's concept film ; OPEN SPACE: A yearly season opener: Play the drop-add game ; Blood drive pumping up ; SPORTS OU trounces Indiana Tech 7-0 ; NFL strike will hurt college player ; Volleyball team wins two ; Gym to have first test ; Physical fitness program helps heart ; OU golf team finishes second at Aquinas ; Saginaw Valley dominates first cross-country meet



AAUP contracts, Contract negotiations, Unions, Parking, Oakland University. Student Congress