The Oakland Post 1990-10-08

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Alcohol prohibition in residence halls possible ; Committee suggested recycling last year ; Strictly business ; New traffic routes under construction ; Fund-raiser brings faculty; students together ; PCB-emitting generators to be removed ; Outta site ; Crime Watch ; Selection process confirms judge lacking experience ; Stereotypes a silent monster lurking in society's subconscious ; Letters to the Editor Freedom of speech; person and morality misunderstood ; Post used poor judgement in column ; Gays and lesbians deserve more respect ; Letter spreads truth; brilliant response to virtually unsolvable social problems ; Save a skunk: Drive safely ; Quiet critters ; Disposed workers ; True tips ; Meadow Brook's silver linings shine ;Students see a new light ; Meadow Brook Theatre treads new grounds ; Vintage clothing evolves as latest fashion trend ; Cabaret opens at MBT ; Q: How do you feel about the efforts to censor popular music? ; Campuses hold demonstrations supporting U.S. Gulf actions ; Student buys phallic symbol in mock auction ; zoo u. ; Quote of the Week ; The Weekly Crossword Puzzle ; This Week's Horoscope ; What's Happening ; The old ballpark ; Gpoming - Going - Gone ; Spikers win at home; lose at WSU ; Charles leads team to two shutouts ; Freshmen adjust to OU with help of team



Alcohol, Traffic, Environment