The Oakland Sail 1981-04-06

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Mellow music ; Reagan shooting handled well Former CIA chief defends agency ; Candidates gear up for ABS'presidential race ; Jeririgg summer tour cancelled ; Students shocked by attack on president ; 'Deprogramming' and 'mainstrearning' difficult ; Admitted addicts inhabit OC Machines attract the innocent ; Congress abolishes the API ; Sail Shorts ; Research director concerned with various student needs ; EDITORIAL: Ray smart choice ; ENTERTAINMENT: Innovative dance troupe breaks new ground ; Instructor pushes students to new heights ; Aroundabout ; 1981 UNIVERSITY CONGRESS "YOUR VOICE" ; PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE ; LEGISLATIVE OVERVIEW ; Committees In 81-82 ; STUDENT PROGRAM BOARD ; S.A.B. ; SPORTS: Consolidation would solve Title IX chaos ; Parsons 'excited about opportunity' OU raids UW-M for soccer coach ; Next week in the Sail: a glimpse into the future ; Men's tennis squad has slow start ; OU biker riding towards Olympics ; Spring sports schedules ; ET CETERA: Campus Quips Collegiate Calendar will set the year straight ; Village Idiot: Tests keep students from getting a true education ; God wants a taste of college life



Reagan, Ronald, Colby, William Egan, 1920-1996, Oakland University. Student Congress