The Oakland Sail 1978-03-13



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


OU plays numbers game in '78 catalog ; Gregory urges students to watch African conflict ; ZZZZZZZZZZZZ!: Dozing for dollars at OU psych lab ; Foreign exchange coeds keep college perspective ; 12 OU students hurt in bus crash; all listed stable: 3 suffer vertebrae breaks; but no spinal damage ; Foster calls meeting 'good' Congress OKs new EA ; Only 5 composers enter CIPO contest ; THE marshall arts ; OU students receive unparalleled' book honor ; feed-back ; OU temp blasted ; Sail Directors look to fill vacancies ; Faces in the crowd ; Travel Resource Center offers mini-vacations ; Slavic dancers play Detroit Plaza Hotel ; AHC calls for ecology ; Health Sciences opens new clinical animal lab ; THE marshall arts ; Broncos blister OU hopes of state title ; Mitchell keeps head up ; 3 wrestlers place in NCAA tourney ; Tankers ride wave; Capture two meets ; Burlingame in "Pioneer Spotlight" ; aroundabout: campus events calendar ; ARTS-DRAMA ; CONCERTS ; HAPPENINGS ; CONFERENCES ; SPORTS ; MISC. ; FILM



Course numbering systems, Gregory, Dick, Sleep studies, International students, Bus crashes, Aston, Thomas A., 1939-2005, Slavic Folk Ensemble, Area Hall Council, Animal laboratories