The Oakland Sail 1986-04-07



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Congress approves commuter scholarship ; Chrysler; Murphy speak at forum ; Szuba elected to presidency of 1986-87 Area Hall Council ; Spring registration with on-line system change for students ; Kresge offers books from other libraries ; Coffee House ; AIA targets New York professor for ejecting student from class ; EDITORIAL: Commuting students receive deserved award for their involvement ; Letters to the Editor: Students shouldn't be blamed for language barrier difficulties ; Rights of students went unprotected in gun controversy ; Ultimate success of theater program depends on support of student body ; Sexual awareness series informative and helpful ; FEATURES: Students value more than money ; Worthy programs result in awards for organizations ; Forced to leave residence halls Chinese student can't adjust to SAGA ; Dancers work to establish major ; Sibling weekend a success ; 50th Mainstage guest laughable ; 'Harlem Heyday' revives Vaudeville era with ragtime ; IU prof discussses rock 'n roll roots ; SPORTS: Lake Superior's Taylor named women's coach ; Hurdle fills void with key recruits ; Tennis squad rebounds with win at MCC ; HIGH LIFE ; Sports trivia



Commuter students, Scholarships, Kresge Library, Food service, Dance