The Oakland Sail 1986-04-14

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Trustees approve plans for water-main repairs ; Russian studies threatened by professor's retirement ; Ex-Soviet reveals what life in the Kremlin is like ; Congress clashes over mandatory office hours ; Shevchenko paints gray picture of U.S.S.R. ; EDITORIAL: University Congress lacks in dedication ; Letters to the Editor: Government deserts students with the Gramm-Rudman Act ; On-line registration pleases most students with efficiency ; FEATURES: Stinson wins AP awardfor alumni work ; New season announced ; Study finds revealing feminist views may limit opportunities ; Ragtime revived in musical revue ; Forensics team gears up for national meet ; Backpacks causing new health hazard ; Meadow Brook Estate returns home for shows ; OU senior scores in top 200 in math competition ; Open Space: Take advantage of chance to be spontaneous in college ; SPORTS: Wrestling axed by OU trustees ; Blank Hillsdale 9-0 Netters post first league win ; VanderMey ends successful season ; Sports trivia



Shevchenko, Arkady, Kovach-Tarakanov, Helen, Feminism, Wrestling