The Oakland Sail 1983-03-14



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Food drive starts - it's 'moving along' ; Students stage protest ; No lab decision yet ; Contract ratified by wide margin ; Pioneers defeated; shocked by Dayton ; Exchange offers different perspectives ; TV celebrity Ted Knight presented with more shirts ; Career Day planned ; EDITORIAL: Registrar tardy with follow-up ; Let me sleep on it ; Concern growing for lake ; CIPO trip to Florida a success ; Forensics conquers Eastern ; Job search should begin junior year ; Universities lobby for tax increases ; Shortage forseen ; Pay beats inflation ; Scholarship goes to a history major ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS: Travel options for a few days away Chicago; answer to NYC ; Daytona done CIPO style ; Toronto style shines ; London ; Scotland ; Show brought best in dance ; OPEN SPACE: Thought fragments add up to whole ; History major to study new life ; Film asks difficult questions ; Serious music taken to limit in new Lene Lovich release ; Prince concert returns ; Canada on the right track ; SPORTS: Swimmers prepared for Nationals meet ; Northridge still tough ; Sports Car Club gets off to a slow start ; Editorial Viewpoint ; Men's tennis nearly ready ; Pioneers look back on dismal season



Protests, AAUP contracts, Peace Corps, Sports Car Club, Scholarships