The Oakland Sail 1983-09-26

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


SEMTA cutbacks will strand students ; Indianapolis company offers $5,000 computer scholarship ; Fr. Bjorklund to leave St. John's ; GUEST COLUMN Rev. Jesse Jackson: will he run; can he win ; State schools not demanding enough of pupils ; Exchange suffers after air attack ; EDITORIAL: Basics are lost on the way up ; LETTERS: Pinewood offers apology ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS: New Center for the Arts pleases some professors but dismays others ; Murphy published again ; Record review - "8" innovative album from J.J.Cale ; OPEN SPACE: Who would ban books? ; Diversions ; E.S.P. at Mainstage ; SPORTS: Soccer winning streak to four ; Head trainer enthusiastic about new opportunities ; Lady spikers dump Henry Ford ; Versatile; intense; Bauer pleases coach ; Cheerleaders seeking advisor ; CLIFF'S NOTES: In praise of bench warmers ; Men begin practice - Women's tennis team loses opener ; Sabrina Swine - Trivia extravaganza ; First GOP meeting attracts ten members



Transportation, Scholarships, Center for the Arts