The Oakland Sail 1986-09-22

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Congress gives involved upperclassmen a chance ; Research plays serious role in getting tenure ; Ethics requirement considered ; Engler says education a priority ; New federal laws create trouble in financial aid ; Girl injured; hole near dormitory barricaded ; Professors say athletes must be responsible; reasonable ; EDITORIAL: Rude office workers owe students more ; Letters to the Editor: Hostile employee attitude to students not tolerable ; Professors should teach; not read out of books ; Congress may use voting booths ; Student loans limited by Gramm-Rudman; Congress ; FEATURES: Animals receive laser surgery on campus ; Students can get discount on plays ; Students fight to free political prisoners ; Floors shoot for original money making themes ; Monkey business? Connellan travels to Orient ; SPB films seek record attendance ; Mismatched roomies means trouble ; Sneak preview: Rocky IV is prostitution of movie making ; Women score higher than men in college ; OU soccer club comes up short in latest battle ; Pioneer women's tennis team roaring along with 3-0 record ; SPORTS: Coach displeased with second half Soccer team's win over U of M unimpressive ; Pioneers on cable TV ; Lady Pioneers limp into GLIAC schedule against rival Hillsdale ; Player-of-the-Week: Marty Hagen ; Last year's intramural champs; Penthouse; remainn undefeated ; Sports Corner Women soccer players deserve OU recognition



Scholarships, Research, Tenure, Ethics, Financial aid, Animal research, Technology, Laser surgery