The Oakland Sail 1978-04-10

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Debates desireability of graduate studies Congress eyes Masters programs ; AHC opens up presidential elections ; Scholarships in line with courts say OU officials ; For the record ; Report's methods challenged ; Professor calls statistics misleading ; African students say OU stocks support apartheid ; OU gets 5.3% return on investments ; It's different ; Expansion; integration of faculty seen for future ; Editor's Opinion: Equal opportunity for privledged few? ; THE marshall arts ; feed-back: Turning lights off conserves energy ; Athletic Dept. blasted in Motzer firing ; AHC Officers may get pay ; Faces in the crowd ; Students Speak Out: Do you think OU should reinstate the $1.00 library fee? ; Guest Commentary: Are master's programs worthwhile? ; Sail Review ; Higher drinking age may affect OU programming ; $300,000 in next 3 years to follow March $50,000 ; Ponty to play OU concert April 18 ; THE marshall arts ; Power makes Senate bid ; A Sail thank you ; Netters off to fast pace - capture 7 of first 8 meets ; Sail pays tribute to departing Seniors ; Home opener on Thursday Bright season expected by softball team ; Pioneer '9' drops twin bill to EMU



Graduate program proposal, Area Hall Council, African American students, Affirmative action, Faculty