The Oakland Sail 1982-11-15



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Zorn elected Congress President ; Saga keeping food prices low ; Leaders unconcerned with nuclear freeze ; Mickey and Zach get write-ins ; Hoffman informs; entertains ; Aid officers resist new registration laws ; Auto president sees change ; New Congress members ; New administrator sees optimistic future ; EDITORIAL ; Student voices should be heard ; Soviet representative did his best ; Letter contains some distortions ; Daycare centers unaffected by closing ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS ; Herpes scare: not the end of the world ; Springsteen knows of hard life ; Original new works ; OPEN SPACE: Jogging jiggles the brain; body So what could be attraction? ; Shhh; Mime 480 ; Insurance for fateful falls of winter ; SPORTS: Pioneers tough for upcoming season ; Ferris State No. 1 Cagers picked 4th ; BASKET ; Spikers lose to Ferris State ; Pioneers tie; make playoffs ; Soccer team honored ; The 1982-83 Pioneers ; Book full of information



Oakland University. Student Congress, Food service, Hoffman, Abbie, Oakland University. Board of Trustees